About Tim's Tiny Trucks

So there we were

...beards blowing in the icy wind. Drizzly rain had wrapped its cold, wet hands around our soaked camo-laden limbs. We, Tim and Tim, were cussing the fact that our truck was too big and heavy to get it where we needed it to go, but our side-by-side left us exposed to the inclement weather that Texas graces us with every other day. That's when the most brilliant of ideas began to manifest itself in our brains. I turned to Tim and said, "What if we had a vehicle that was just as off-road capable as our side-by-side, but had the luxuries of a truck with windows, air conditioning and heat?" Tim looked at me and just nodded his head as we pondered this most brilliant idea.
Thus the story of Tim's Tiny Trucks was born and the Tims have been importing Japanese mini-trucks and outfitting them for hunters, ranchers, farmers, trade workers, beachgoers (and even a bee keeper) ever since. While you'll typically find that everything is bigger in Texas, these tiny trucks prove otherwise. Now, just because they're tiny, doesn't mean they won't take you on the ride of your life.

Tim's Tiny Trucks -
making grown men and women giggle and ride in style since 2021 and loving every second of it!


A Kei truck (pronounced kay), also known as a mini truck, is a compact, right-hand-drive vehicle with standard rear-wheel drive and available four-wheel drive. The first models rolled out in Japan in 1949 and borrowed design elements from the three-wheeled motorcycle-based trucks of that era. Since then, Japanese regulators have allowed slightly larger versions to come to the market, but for classification purposes, no Kei can measure more than 134 inches long, 58 inches wide and 79 inches tall. The largest engine size allowed is 660 cubic centimeters, which is about half the size of the smallest car engines currently available in the U.S. A Kei’s three-cylinder engines usually come paired with a 4-speed or 5-speed manual transmission, though newer ones may have an automatic. Typically, Kei trucks weigh no more than 1,800 pounds and have a payload capacity of 400 to 1,400 pounds.

They are available with factory options such as 4x4, A/C, locking differentials, dump beds, hydraulic lift gates, and scissor beds. We also offer a variety of aftermarket upgrades such as lift kits, wheels, tires, stereo upgrades, custom seats, custom paint, vinyl wraps, tracks and much more! 

Extremely! Most of our trucks are 4x4 and they are all very light and capable of getting you where you need to go!

These trucks were originally designed as on road vehicles in Japan so they are capable of up to 70mph!

Are they street legal?

While we suggest you only use them off-road, trucks that are 25 years old or older are capable of being registered and titled here in the U.S.